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Water Repellent Antiviral and Antibacterial Nano Fabric

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Pattern TypePlain
Length1.50 Meter
Width58 Inch
Country of OriginMade in India

Stain Repellent
Our stain repellent apparel are powered with a Nano finish. It increases the liquid contact angle of the garment to greater than 90 degrees, causing the water to form round droplets and stay suspended instead of getting absorbed into the fabric. End result. The yarn is protected from whatever water-based stain you happen to throw on it. Our stain-repellent finish has successfully passed the European Unions REACH tests and has Oeko Tex certifications to its name, which means that it is safe both for your skin and the environment.

The familiar (and sometimes traumatizing) smell of sweat is caused by bacteria breaking down the secretions from your sweat glands.  anti-odour apparel is enriched with silver ions that disrupt the cell division process of these bacteria. The bacteria cannot multiply and the apparel smells as fresh as it feels. Our anti-odour treatment has been rigorously tested and is completely safe for the skin and the environment.
4-Way Stretch

Fabric having 4-way stretch can stretch and recover both width and lengthwise. We have introduced just the right amount of elastane to introduce flexibility and resilience to our apparel. This means that you can do small active movements such as jumping, running, and biking with ease, without deforming what you're wearing.
The special knit and yarn twist of  apparel maintains the capillary pressure and permeability of the fabric, ensuring that sweat moves away from your skin as it is released from the sweat glands.
It is no secret that the process of evaporation helps in cooling the body. That is why we sweat, after all. Our high tech, meticulously crafted fabric ensures that your sweat evaporates faster, so that your body temperature is always maintained at comfortable levels.

It is intelligent design in action. Equip yourself with our Sol-Tech powered winter wear. Activated by your body heat, the winter wear starts generating warmth. What's the secret behind it, you ask It is quite simple, really. Did you know that the human body is a natural source of energy, emitting 100 watts Sol-Tech uses a layer of far-infrared emitting natural minerals to draw upon this energy by insulating your body heat and returning it back to you as warmth. Our technology adds no extra weight to the winter wear and preps you for a better life with improved athletic performance and restful sleep.
It is a secret weapon that operates as offense and defense. Our anti-microbial force field is embedded in the fabric of our apparel, combating the growth and spread of microbes. So, how does it work It is the presence of zinc that makes all the difference. Releasing positively-charged ions across the fabric which penetrates the surface of negatively-charged bacteria, zinc prevents the breeding and growth of the microbes, keeping you fresh and healthy. Our anti-microbial technology is non-toxic and completely safe.

Wash Care.Wash the garment with an additive-free detergent or soap. You can use regular laundry detergent, but you may have to give it an extra rinse or two to get rid of any residue. Do not use liquid detergents or delicate detergents as they contain fabric softeners that can impede the effectiveness of the DWR finish. Machine wash your garments using the machine is complete cycle.Repeat the rinse cycle once or twice to ensure all soapy residue is removed.


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